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Sunday, January 27, 2008

83 Days and Counting

Still 83 more days of work...last week was marginally better, semi-acceptable, but I still don't want to go. The Candy Countdown jar has just the tiniest bit of space at the top, but you can't see it. I really need to see it coming down. It is comforting though to see that this is the last week of January, leaving only four months and a few days of work.
Days like today make going to work on Monday even more brutal. It was amazing, warm and breezy. A perfect day. I put three loads of laundry on the line and my new undies looked so happy flapping in the breeze. Even that lifted my spirits. I spent several hours trimming trees and grapevines and such. Just clipping and thinking and enjoying the sun and wind. When I got tired of that I took the dogs for a spin around the neighborhood, about a mile walk. Lovely.
Now that the sun is getting low in the sky and I am showered and thinking about dinner, I can't help the feeling of dread that seems to creep in on Sunday nights. I know that I have to go to work tomorrow. I know there are just a few more hours of freedom. I know that it pisses me off that I get two amazing days only after working for five shit-days. Ug!

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