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Monday, January 7, 2008

Resolution #2: Ride my bike more than I drive

Day One: Bike Commuting.

I couldn't have asked for better weather to bike to work. It was 68 degrees, overcast, a little windy, but it is JANUARY and almost 70 at 7:00am. Having resolved to ride my bike more and drive less, I set out about 20-25 minutes earlier than usual. Since I haven't been running or riding lately my quads were singing and I was puffing a bit (probably more nerves than anything).

The scariest part of the route is crossing the highway and usually I go a little out of my way to cross at a light, but this morning I caught a break, a beautiful thing, no traffic in both directions creating a gap just big enough for me to zip across using a crossover. The city's recently finished hike/bike trail kept me out traffic after I crossed the lake. I scared up a Great Blue Heron along the way, the best reward I could have received for riding instead of driving.

The afternoon ride home wasn't so rewarding (though I did see another heron). It was a headwind and tons of traffic...a little scary.

Of course, there have to be rules. I am governed by rules, well... half of me is governed by rules and the other half of my gemini-self doesn't really care for rules. Actually, I like rules that I make for myself and am not too crazy about rules that other people make for me. So, the rules of this bike riding thing are:

1. no riding below 40 degrees (I'm a weiner)
2. no riding on the days I teach yoga (because it would mean riding home in the twilight)
3. aim for riding more than 50% of the time (most weeks that means three days of five)

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