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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Update for my Yandara Family

The quick update on my world:1. I was (thankfully, that is past tense) suffering from a serious depression during the winter. Most days I was happy if I got to check off three things on my list of daily "must do-s:
1. get out of bed
2. go to work
3. take a shower
4. eat
5. don't cry
6. wash the dishes and otherwise keep the filth at bay
Most days I only got the first two....sadly.

2. My mental state is better now, I pressed pause on teaching my two yoga classes, took some time for myself, went to two yoga intensives,fed my soul with books, sewing, cooking, gardening, drawing, and writing, and FINALLY reconciled my decision to quit teaching public school English after 13 years and I have officially RESIGNED!!! Starting June 5th I will be a full-time homemaker and yoga teacher!

3. I will resume teaching my two free, "karma" yoga classes on April 1st and will begin offering Sat. classes in my home again on April 5th.

4. Spring has sprung here in TX. and I have started my garden...onions, potatoes and strawberries are in the ground. One coldframe is growing some seriously gorgeous lettuce, the other frame has 21 baby oak-lets that we sprouted from acorns and my tomato, bell and jalapeno' peppers, basil, and assorted flowers that we are starting from seed. I have found that this year my gardening has reacquainted me with the word HOPE and what that really means.

5. I spent a lot of those dreary winter days chasing the blues away by making baby quilts to donate to Project Linus...my goal for the year is 12, I already have 3 done and my mom has done three too. There is something healing in both the creating and the giving.

6. The hubby has been gone so very much lately and frequently on weekends...I get a little crazy sometimes and two weeks ago I took a hammer to the "fur-down" (spelling???) above the kitchen cabinets...needless to say we have some work to do, but a kitchen remodel was on the agenda so I wasn't in too much trouble for ripping it apart. (There is something therapeutic in just banging and ripping and tearing...it was FUN!!)

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