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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Begin Where You Are

I got out of the habit of journaling here or anywhere else and I keep thinking I should go back, recap the summer, blahda, blahda, blah....then I realized that I should just follow the advice I give yoga students...simply, begin where you are.

So, where am I right now? Tears still drying on my cheeks after a short little walk with my very old dog Birdy, I am in a place of deep sadness. I know that soon I will have to make a decision to end his life compassionately so that he won't have to suffer. He is old, he has some problems, but he is still my Birdman and I can see in his eyes that he trusts me. That trust just makes it all the harder to make the decision, to pick the day that will be his last day.

How will I know the right day?

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Debbie said...

Oh what a terrible decision to have to make. I know many, many people do it, but I can't imagine how.

When you talked about your dogs eyes and how he trusts you it broke my heart.

I have two dogs, one getting older. I already cry when I think of the day that she won't be here.

They are our babies. I'm sorry that you have to make this decision, but remember that he'll be better off.

I can feel the heart ache. :(