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Friday, November 7, 2008

Pioneer Week Update

I suspect I will have to have my own Pioneer Week next week. I've done a little, but not enough, not what I wanted to do. Here's the run-down with explanations.

1. Homemade meals...100%, it is the only way I cook. I tried some no-knead bread, that is decidedly puck-like (as in hockey puck), but it is okay toasted. Other than the bread I haven't tried anything new.

2. Energy consumption: We still don't have the heat on....the temps are all over the place here, some nights as low as the 30s (but above freezing) and days as warm as 80. Some mornings are a little chilly in the house, but as soon as we open the blinds and let the sun in it warms up. We just got an electric bill and it was our 2nd to lowest month of consumption. The total bill was $63.80. Not bad, huh?

3. Water use: I've been showering longer and longer...just really dirty and tired and achy. I need to work on the length of my showers for sure. As for the fall garden, we have watered exclusively with the rain water we captured in barrels. The barrels are almost empty and our chances of rain are slim...hopefully, it will rain just enough to fill the barrels again.

4. Transportation: Sadly in this area I suck, this week. Lots of extra trips to Mom's to work on the chicken coop and now, while she is out of town, to take care of the chicks and the donkey and the dog and the cat. Of course farm chores require that I drive the big truck (though I was able to fill it up for less than $30 today....go figure).

5. Entertainment: We haven't gone out, but because I'm still grieving for Birdy I've spent a lot of time watching TV and of course I watched all kind of presidential election "stuff"...too much.

6. Buy Nothing: haven't bought a thing. Since I work from home teaching yoga and "make" very little money I made the vow to buy nothing a long time ago. Now, I only buy things for myself if they are going to keep me alive...Need versus Want.

I'm set to do this again next week....maybe it will be my theme for the winter.


Mon said...

Are you kidding? This is great.

Don't you count certain road trips necessary? Like when it's to fix things, etc?

btw, do you have a Rss or Follow widget you can pop up? I like ya, wanna keep updated.

Debbie said...

It sounds to me like you did a great job!