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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Playing at being a Hobbit

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CK said...

Cute pup! Well, you inspired me to blog again. I used to have this blog up but it was only for school activities. We had to show that we knew how to use a wiki and how to post videos, etc...quite boring. So deleted all the nonsense and started it up. Still not quite sure what I'm doing on it. Don't know how to search for friends that I know blog on here...haha. I'm retarded. Hope you had a good holiday break. I'm ready to start back. Having neighbor issues. Look for more postings on it...it may be an entertaining read....haha.

Thanks for finding me on here - since I'm retarded. haha. I like the Holistic Mum blog. I found that and have been reading her site for a few days.

See ya on Monday!