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Monday, January 5, 2009

Sorry, I need to vent.

Hhmm, what to say about today? It was freezing rain and ice was accumulating on the trees and it was so very cold that all I wanted to do was curl up and read, or crochet, or watch a movie, but I had to go to work. Mondays begin with a meeting and during each meeting the verb "come" is mis-used by the same person...it happens every Monday morning. Since I taught English for 13 years and pride myself on above average grammar it is all I can do not to correct this usage. Every week, somehow it is used..."it had not came yet" or "she had not came in" or something similar and really, it is all I can do not to jump up and scream; COME, NOT CAME. Seriously, it is driving me crazy!!!! Considering the day was flavored for me by the crap weather I'm really surprised that I made it through another meeting without flipping my lid.

I did sort of flip out, just a little and CK was so cool to listen. I hate Mondays because I don't get a lunch, yet work from 9am until 2pm. I'm old school, lunch is at noon, meals are roughly four hours apart, it is just the way it is and if you think about it, you feel better when you eat regularly, so there! I also bitched about tomorrow's schedule; noon to 9pm. Ridiculous...civilized folks are home safe in their pjs by 9pm. Again, I'm old school about this...I'm in bed by 9 most nights AS I SHOULD BE! I shouldn't be at work....

With that said, it was "one of those" days for me. Nothing happened, my brain is just wired to bitch and moan when the weather is unpleasant....for me, unpleasant means that the sun isn't shining. I'm addicted to the sun...really. I came home to find that the one yoga student who is still actually reserving her space and respectfully canceling had indeed canceled. So, I figure "Screw it", I don't even know if anyone else was planning on coming because they don't let me know...so, I just canceled it...sent out emails and then fumed about it awhile. Yeah, yeah, not very yogini-like of me, I know, but it is pissing me off that no one confirms or cancels anymore and I never know who, if anyone is going to show up. I'm trying not to make a rash decision about this and just give up teaching yoga completely, but that is what I feel like doing right now, today. POO!

So, it is 7:26 and I am venting this all out and having a lovely cup of chai which is likely to keep me awake and I really don't care...the chores are done; mail opened, dishes washed, cat-box scooped, trash dragged to the curb. When I finish this post I'm going to boot the cat out of MY chair, wrap up in my fleece blanket, start Titanic, and crochet until I just can't anymore. I don't have to be at work until noon tomorrow and so, I'm going to stay up late which is very unlike me, but days like today make me want to rebel a little, shake it up, show it who's boss.


CK said...

aww...Rag! So sorry about the crummy day. Working until nine is pretty late. I wouldn't get home until 10 so I'd really hate that. Pa would p'rolly call and say, "Why had not you came home yet?"

...tee...hee...had to. I miss sitting by you in meetings kicking you in the foot during those "special moments."

:D :D

Vent anytime girl....

ragamuffin yogini said...

It's 11:31...WAAAAAY, past my bedtime...I feel naughty and tomorrow I'll feel like crap!

CK said...

I cannot believe you stayed up that late!!!! :-O