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Saturday, February 21, 2009

25 Random Things

1. I quit my library job today by putting a letter of resignation in the book drop.
2. I love my dogs too much and treat them better than most folks treat their children.
3. On the subject of pets, I have a three-legged cat
4. I also love a donkey named Truman Sparky Pants
5. My mom and my husband are my best (human) friends
6. I still live in the town where I grew up, but I am not too much like the girl who grew up there.
7. I'm a "dirty hippie chick"
8. I eat popcorn for dinner when my husband isn't home.
9. I'm addicted to Chai Latte'...homemade with organic ingredients, none of that Starbucks crap
10. I would be a vegan if it weren't for cheese, GLORIOUS CHEESE!
11. I am a yogini, but have lost touch with my practice
12. I talk to myself when I take walks around the neighborhood (when I'm not talking to all the dogs who bark at me.
13. I like to go to bed at 9:00 (I'm such an old lady)
14. I have OCD and THREE is a magical number
15. I grow my own vegetables and make my own clothes
16. I still believe in fairies
17. I am a pagan
18. I have five tattoos and one of them I "share" with my mom.
19. If I could only have one pair of shoes for the rest of my life...I would wear my Lucchese cowboy boots, but I would smuggle in some Chaco sandals.
20. Leaving the teaching profession was one of the best things I ever did.
21. I am becoming a crappy driver....three mishaps in the last two months...all in my own driveway.
22. I believe that the Universe speaks and gives us all the answers, we just have to learn how to listen.
23. I want to be a novelist when I grow up
24. I love to drive fast, really fast (but see #21)
25. I have hundreds of PEZ dispensers (only the ones with heads...'cuz PEZ are all about heads)

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