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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Culottes? Shorts? Skort? Whatever!

Okay, a couple of months back I looked through all our old patterns looking for summer shorts and such because my ass is getting bigger and bigger and only three pairs of shorts still fit. This is Texas and I will be needing shorts for every day of the week, that is just how it is. So, we find this old pattern and we are both like, "Oh yeah, we made a ton of these. They were awesome." What we were remembering was this sort of skort kind of thing, a full pair of shorts. We thought this was the right pattern....I bought some 50% off fabric and whipped up a pair today. The front looks pretty cute, like a little skirt, but the back may be another story. While talking with my mom about the aforementioned dress and these short/skort things we realized that this was not the pattern we were thinking of....silly us. The pattern we liked so much is long gone I'm sure and this MIGHT be okay, maybe...

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