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Friday, June 19, 2009

Birthday Skirt #1

A slow and easy day today. I piddled around most of the morning and then made a skirt from my birthday pattern and fabric. The fabric is fun and makes me very happy, but the process was a little stressful. First, I measured my waist and hips for the first time in years and they were 3-4 inches BIGGER than before, which moved me up a size, which caused a meltdown at lunch. Then the directions were a little whacky and I screwed up the zipper, which didn't cause a meltdown (guess, I was still too distraught over my fat ass), but all's well that ends well and it is FINISHED, and it is CUTE, and it FITS my fat ass, and it MATCHES my new orange sandals, and it also MATCHES my new aqua wedgie sandals and LIFE IS GOOD!

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