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Sunday, July 12, 2009

The BIG List....

A few nights ago I was nearing meltdown because I was feeling overwhelmed over all the things I had yet to finish. I am notorious for starting projects and then taking my time finishing, while in the meantime, starting something new.....My lovely hubs suggested I make a list, prioritize it, and then complete one project at a time....brilliant, right? I knew it myself, but sometimes I just need someone else to tell me what to do and I can execute the plan....

SO, the List....29 items on it, TWENTY-NINE! Holy SHIT!!
1. THank you notes for my birthday (over a month ago) Not actually a project, but something that is started and must be finished soon.
2. Natty's Wedding quilt
3. Rose Garden #1
4. Rose Garden #2
5. Quilt Frame carry-bag and signage
6. Lap Top Bag (bought the fabric, now have lost the pattern)
7. Pillow (and write a pattern too)
8. Birthday skirt #2 (green panels)
9. Birthday skirt #3 (aqua)
10. HOBO bag: strap and closure
11. Binding on Jacob's Ladder Quilt
12. Binding on T-shirt quilt
13. DOT quilt
14. Orange circles quilt: quilt, bind.
15. Little Cedar Tree quilt: quilt, bind
16. Sanae 9: piece, quilt, bind, and write pattern
17. "Shop Hop" Bird quilt
18. Grandmother's flower garden
19. Batik "Grand Canyon" quilt
20 Seeley Rooster quilt
21 Stocking (for the shop)
22. Chickens and cherries
23. Pink Bird skirt
24. Dark bird skirt
25. Pj Bottoms for the shop
26. PJ bottoms for me
27. Cat in the garden quilt
28, Canvas bags (pink and green)
29. Black shorts

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