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Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Duffle Bag

In getting ready for a weekend trip to Philly for a wedding I found that my old duffle bag had a rip in the bottom. I went to bed that night with visions of my panties strewn all over the overhead bin because I couldn't think of a small bag that closed completely. Yesterday morning I woke up and immediately thought "Duh, take the old bag apart, cannibalize it for the straps and zipper, get fabric, and make a new one". No brainer! We went to FW and I got pre-quilted fabric (50% off coupon too). While at my mom's house she had so much faith in my ability to make this bag she insisted that I take home her little duffle saying, "Just in case". When I told my hubs what I was up to last night he said, "That's not on your list".

Both of you naysayers can just Suck It.....

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