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Monday, July 6, 2009

Swirly Skirt

This skirt is fun and twirly, I seem to recall that being the criteria for a good skirt when I was a kid....twirly and girly! I got the "pattern" on Moda Bakeshop (www.modabakeshop.com). I followed the specifications exactly and it worked out okay, but I would like mine a little longer....if I make another one I will add a little strip along the bottom to lengthen it. Other than being a smidge too short for my taste I love it. It was supposed to be made from Layer Cake and Jellyroll strips, but I used scraps and I love that even more....simplicity plus frugality equals happiness in project world.

PS. my hubs took this awesome picture from bed...yeah, it was the best of the two he took before the battery started to conk out.

1 comment:

jaybird said...

cute! i just finished mine too... but i made mine shorter on purpose!