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Friday, January 15, 2010

All Fahrenheit, All the time

There was a grand debate as to whether I should write my critical analysis paper for the writing sample to be included with my grad school application on a simple book that I knew well OR a more complicated and scholarly novel that I did not know at all. I finally, after asking several folks whose opinions I value, decided to use Fahrenheit 451 and am focusing on his use of rhetorical devices to develop both character and theme. I've written 9 pages thus far, so I'll not be writing much here until the paper is finished.

*note the well-loved copy with the duct tape spine. He is an very old friend.


Nic said...

Good luck with the paper.

You can write scholarly stuff on anything. We talked about The DaVinci Code inone of my lit classes - there's some interesting techniques Brown uses to drive the narrative. It didn't stop half the class ceremoniously throwing their copies into the bin at one point though...

ragamuffin yogini said...

Thanks, Nic. I'm working feverishly and I do agree that most decent authors are worth discussing, but the whole process is nerve-wracking. I'm breaking it up with some embroidery to sooth my silly head.