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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Demolition in another Medium

Today was a day for tearing things apart. I tackled that nasty shower and only stopped because when I knocked a hole in that crusty, old drywall a breeze wafted through. I had intended to take the whole shower down to the studs so we can start fresh, but since we aren't going to be working on it this weekend I didn't want that breeze blowing in for days (especially since it could get cool at night).

I then tackled the ugly motel bedspread and took it apart too. I have bought some more fabric to mix with it, but I think I might need a few more for variety (they aren't pictured). I don't intend to leave these blocks whole either. I'm truly planning to create a hodge-podge of sorts, especially since it turns out I didn't follow the pattern when I made these blocks in the first place. Ai Yi Yi, why am I not surprised?

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