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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday: Laundry, family, sewing, garden

On Sundays I do the laundry. I look forward to it all week because while the laundry washes I sew...this saves me a lot of trips up and down the stairs which is the excuse I use to just stay downstairs in my sewing room.

Today I even got up early so I could be at Mom's for Big Girl Breakfast. I spent several hours "scuffing up the Muffin"...which is code for cuddling and hugging my niece, but when I returned home I had laundry to fold and sewing to tackle.

I tackled making a pair of shorts for my hubs, hopefully they will be finished tomorrow and I can update you on that....I've made two other pairs, but we are still tweaking the pattern which I made from his old pair. It is quite a challenge and keeps me on my toes. I'm so used to using a pattern and following directions that I've forgotten how to think it through and find that a challenge.

I've also made myself a list of things I'm allowed to work on.....hopefully there are enough things on the list that I won't be tempted to start anything new....we shall see. Happy Sunday!

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