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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Knock-off Grammici Shorts

Being frugal is beastly sometimes. Years ago my husband's most beloved pair of shorts gave up the ghost. I had patched and patched and patched the patches and finally they had to be retired. I took them apart, made a pattern and made an atrocious pair of shorts (he is only allowed to wear them in the garage and preferably when I'm not there to see them.) I made a second, very acceptable pair. We then bought fabric for a few more pairs, but winter came and I used that as an excuse.

Last week I tackled another pair. I had forgotten what order to attach each part and had to start over with the whole process. I had a few minor difficulties, nothing major BUT I still spent 6-8 hours on them. I'm guesstimating on the time, but most of one day and part of another.

We had a discussion about the time it takes to make them and is it really worth it. I would gladly sew for my husband (I show my love with cooking and sewing and such), but the time and frustration is hard on me. The hubs agreed that maybe they weren't worth it, THEN he put them on and he really likes them and I did a really good job and, and, and....

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