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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Feeding my Soul

I spent about 4 hours working in my garden today. There is nothing like sunshine, dirt, hard work, and sweat to make you happy.

Yesterday was a bad day for me and it ended in a meltdown. It was a big meltdown, but not epic. I have come to understand (finally) that I am just not a happy person and there is usually no reason for my feeling unhappy and melancholy it is just how I am engineered. I do know how to banish it to the back corners, but I've been neglecting myself lately, doing too much, taking care of my hubs, the house, the dogs, the cats, but rarely taking care of myself.

Yesterday's meltdown brought that realization to the front of my mind....this morning I fed my soul with a long walk and then gardening until it was just too hot. The last thing I did was fix this burbling fountain that sits in a bed just behind the house/patio.

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