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Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Quilt for the Bee

This is perhaps the oldest quilt top I have unquilted....it is likely somewhere in the first 10 quilts I ever made (from the late 90s)....I'm so over the brown/green combo and the piecing is horrifying, but I'm having a bee and likely will teach a few novices to quilt so this will be the perfect quilt for that.

And since we are talking about a quilting bee let me just rant a bit....I invited 22 people; family and what I thought were friends. (you can always depend on family. always. enough said.)

So, "friends".....of 12 I've heard from 5. Okay, some folks might not be checking email or their facebook account, but I know of others who are all over facebook but have apparently been ignoring my invitation. Now, I know I'm forty years old, no longer in high school, but my feelings get hurt...I mean, Jeez! It isn't like you have to look me in the eye when you lie and say "I've got other plans that day. Sorry I can't make it." Shit, you could just say, "Sorry, I can't make it", I don't need to know why, but fucking respond already.....be a grown up for goodness sake.

Technology makes it so very easy to blow people off without making them feel ignored and rejected....You could be sitting home railing on and on about what a bitch I am while politely declining my invitation from your phone and I would be none the wiser. But ignoring me? That just smacks of high school.

ENOUGH already. I'm through subjecting myself to this sort of cyber-rejection. This quilting bee is my last effort....I know who my REAL friends are and they are FEW and that is OKAY.

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Misti said...

I just went & looked, and lo and behold...there's an invite. Since Jer & I share an account, as soon as one of us logs in, the notifications disappear. So, we each miss a lot of stuff. But, we have basketball games in Glen Rose in the morning. Not sure what the afternoon holds - hopefully a nap :)