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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Real Friends...

Today was my quilting bee....family and friends. Did I take a single pic? Nope, of course not. My hubs did snap this one of me while I was making soup for our lunch. What a happy day.

On a similar note, I just permanently deleted my facebook account. I found it to be meaningless and it added nothing to my life, nothing. Had it enriched my life even in one little bitty way I might have kept it, but it did not.

Oh, I have many complaints, many. But mostly I just thought it stupid to say that those folks were my "friends" when many of them weren't. I guess I just prefer my friends in the flesh. Facebook just served to make me feel more "friendless" and lonely than I ever was when I was simply obliviously going about my business.

Shedding the clutter always feels so good....facebook felt like clutter. Now I have one less thing to check.

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