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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cruelty in the Country

WARNING: there is likely to be harsh language ahead.

On Friday, with 3+ inches of snow on the ground and freezing temps I saw a lone coyote cross our pasture. I could tell she was limping and my heart went out to her on such a cold and raw day. Today she appeared in our front yard...this is literally 25 or so feet from my dining room windows. She rested there, aware of me, but unable to go on. Once she caught her breath she stood and I could then see that her left front paw appeared to be in some kind of wire trap. I'm sparing you the close ups I took of the paw, but I'm not going to spare you the tirade.

When I saw this mangled paw all I could think was "dirty fucking humans". I guess if you read my blog with any regularity or know me in the flesh you already know that I have a very low opinion of humans, but this is the dirtiest and lowest. In a day and age when you can get anything you need or want at any time of the day or night, when you don't rely on your land and livestock to stay alive...Why the fuck can't people share the space? We've been here a few months now and the coyotes wake us regularly...and actually our dog Mesa wakes us barking...the coyotes do no harm. They use our trails, drink from our pond, and move on...no harm done.

I simply can't understand cruelty and lazy cruelty at that....if you really want to be rid of the coyotes then hunt them and kill them, but don't leave them to suffer in pain and hunger. That is just wrong. No excuses and no explanations with make this right....there is nothing to make this right...I hope that karma gets you, whoever you are....I hope your foot becomes trapped, you have to gnaw at it, and then you spend your last days wandering in the cold, alone and starving, fully aware that your death is imminent. I hope your death is long and tedious and excruciating.


Misti said...

That makes me absolutely sick, and really, really sad. That's worse than my neighbors who left their two cats when they moved. One I've had spayed & took to mom's, but the male I haven't been as successful with. :(

ragamuffin yogini said...

It does my heart good to know that there are people out there doing the right things...the hardest part for me was just having to sit and watch...I couldn't do the right thing. We don't want a gun in the house, but had I had one and known how to shoot I could have ended her misery...I'm heartbroken that I couldn't do that for her.