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Saturday, May 14, 2011

happiness is a blue chicken

Long ago before I was married, before I was tired, before I was so very frugal, before I had developed a conscience about where my things came from, just before....

my Mom and I would shop together at antique stores and regular retail establishments. At the time I was collecting Fiesta ware, Statue of Liberty "stuff", and PEZ dispensers. The best shopping trips were the ones in which we went on a treasure hunt bound by rules and regulations that made it a game. For instance, you can only buy Fiesta today and you can't spend more than $20.

Lately, the only shopping Mom and I seem to do is for groceries, dog food, and maybe a quick stop at the local Joann fabrics. Quite frankly I've begun to dread the grocery store and Costco...I'm just feeling too tired to shop most days and it just isn't fun. So, today Mom and I decided to shop like in the old days...no errands, just fun. I had recently sold a quilting frame and I had cash in my pocket....cash that was mine, not money I had to ask my husband for, and I wanted to be frivolous and silly. I needed a treasure hunt. We hit Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, and two antique stores. I didn't make any purchases in either PB or Anthropologie (but I stole some ideas that hopefully I will remember later). At the antique mall I decided I was looking for a chicken to keep my brown chicken company and odd teacups (for another project I'm working on). It was a lot of fun and I was successful on this treasure hunt...that isn't always the case, but today I had good luck. The blue chicken was a definite score...since acquiring my little brown chicken (which I think belonged to my great grandmother) I've been looking at those chicken dishes and I had never seen a blue one before...since our kitchen is blue I knew that little girl was "the one"!

Hooray for blue chickens!

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