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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

27? chicks

I didn't post about yesterday's delivery of chicks in an effort to not jinx them. They arrived at 6:30 am. and knowing what I knew I was prepared for the worst.

When I peeked in the box I was pleasantly surprised to see a roiling mass of fuzz and nary a carcass.

Since I had learned the hard way what a harrowing trip was required for them to get to me (Friday to Monday in a box without food/water and three airport stops) I was prepared to offer them sugar water for fast energy to help them recover. Once everyone was drinking I offered up food and they soon found that too. I counted them over and over again and keep coming up with 27....I guess we got an extra?

I stayed with them until I was sure they were eating, drinking, and staying warm, but felt incredibly guilty leaving them alone after such a long and difficult trip.

After this experience I've vowed to never order chicks from out of state (or maybe even through the mail) again. Hopefully, I can hatch my own chicks in the future and avoid it all together.

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Monica said...

Cute! I'm a little bit jealous...okay...A LOT.