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Monday, September 3, 2012

Good Enough....maybe

I'm riding a fine line between "Good Enough" and "Totally Half-Assed" these days. At the advice of my thesis advisor I adopted the mantra "Good Enough," because I was tweaking and tweaking and never finishing because really, I could keep researching until I'm 65 and keep finding fascinating tidbits I might be able to use. The truth is I love to research and I hate to write...bleck.

So, you haven't heard from me in awhile because mostly I'm doing things Half-Assed and since that pisses me off I didn't want to write a post that was all negative and bitchy and I'm hoping that this doesn't go that way, but be forewarned it might.

Here's the update:
I have a job two days a week (Tues and Fri) , I got a second job teaching two more days a week (mon and wed), and I'm obligated to TCU to work for my financial aid and I meet with my writing group (Thurs). That leaves Sat and Sun to catch up on farm chores (and I still have to make time to write the damn thesis). I'm trying really hard not the bitch here....I know that lots of folks work five days and then do all the chores on the weekend.....but I'm feeling pulled in twelve directions....literally my body aches, my muscles cramp for no reason, I'm so distracted I boil eggs until they explode....(yes, they explode, but first the shells turn to charcoal). I'm hear to tell you that writing a thesis is a full-time job and one best undertaken when you have fewer distractions and responsibilities than I have.

I really want to keep up with this blog...in fact I probably need to just to "talk it out," but I doubt there will be time for it so if you don't hear from me for another long while you'll know I'm up to my eyeballs in goat poop, papers to grade, library books, and unfinished thesis chapters.

No fun stuff is getting done anyway......we are just existing and doing a half-assed job of that too.


Jocelyn said...

I am sorry that you're having such a tough time. I wish there was something I could do. My good thoughts are with you, though. I hope everything gives you a little well-deserved break soon!

Jen BK said...

So sweet of you....I'll take those good thoughts!