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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Chicken Hospital

We won't talk about how this happened, but one of the dogs got a chicken. Mesa can pretty much out-run anything, so the poor chickie didn't have a chance. My -M-I-L got to her just in the knick of time and the hubs came running. I was absent, but got a very serious voice mail "to call as soon as I could." I thought a human someone was hurt....she has a pretty deep wound on her back just between her wings. We've bandaged her wound and it is healing nicely, but she will have to stay quarantined until all evidence of the scab is gone....chickens are pickers and will peck her relentlessly if they see blood or red or probably even the bald spot.

We kept her in a cat carrier for a day until I could build this little hospital crate/cage. 

Cobbed this together using zip-ties and office supplies, but it is brilliant if I do say so myself.

The patient is doing well. 

In other news: the thesis is completed (except for some very minor revisions) and DEFENDED. The official form is signed and turned in and in essence, I AM FINISHED! WOO HOO!

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