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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

getting it together

Well, I've finally written, printed, and "distributed" my first pattern for these two little owl pillows/stuffies. Although what I should say is that I've finally gotten myself together enough to get a pattern out there, because I've created/written  A LOT of patterns they just never see the light of day because I'm too disorganized to get all the parts together. With that said, I'm rather proud of my little pattern.

I also whipped together a top for a shop sample this morning...I fell in love with the farm scene...IT.HAS.GOATS!...plus, the barn is kind of like ours and the tractor is blue like ours and, and, and.....can you tell I'm a dork for all-things-farmy?

Pattern: Charming Baby Log Cabin

Now I'm off for my yearly mammogram....woot woot!

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