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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Feeling Floopy

Could my floopy head be a result of this?

Or maybe this pile is causing it....

Perhaps, it is working at a desk that looks like this (well, the actual desk is in focus, but my camera is one of the things lost in the mess).

Anyone want to do some sewing here? I surely don't!

What a mess.....plus, the last couple of days are gray and rainy and today is chilly too! That makes me blue and the mess makes me floopy. I've got to get this under control....you've heard that before, right?

Actually, posting pics of this shameful mess might motivate me....looking at those piles of fabric on the floor is actually making me feel a little embarrassed. YIKES! 

I guess it is time for some Spring Cleaning!

1 comment:

Jocelyn said...

Oh honey, you've got nothing on me. This office I'm sitting in is also a sewing room, and it was so bad I couldn't even WALK in here. Getting the door open was a challenge.

Clutter makes me tired and unhappy. When I clean, I feel better. It's getting over the unhappy that's the hard part, and actually getting to the cleaning.