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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Make that 77...

Well, I feel a little sideways right now so, I'll just leave that the way it is. I officially have 78 more days, but I just called in "sick". That leaves 77 more days to work, but I don't want to dwell on it and ruin my fabulous day. The weather here in Texas is glorious, warm and sunny. When I found out my husband was likely going to have tomorrow off I gambled and took tomorrow too. Hopefully, he will indeed get to stay home and we can spend a whole day together....a bonus day.

I don't really need much arm-twisting these days to take a day off, but knowing he will likely be home and the weather forecast is for sunny and 81 degrees....no twist required and I get to surprise him when he gets in tonight!! I love surprises.

I did so many cool things today. I almost got to do all the things I love most: I sewed this morning, I did some laundry, I created (a large papier mache' teacup), and I worked in the garden. All things that I luv....I plan to wash dishes and draw a little and read a little before bed, so one of the only things missing is cooking...I did not cook today. Cereal, sandwich, and leftover spaghetti, but I worked like crazy out in the sun. An amazing day....

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