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Saturday, February 9, 2008

What is the world coming to?

So, I was surfing at work a couple of days ago and came across this site:

This is the link to on-line paperdolls with draggable clothes. I was mesmerized by this because I kept waiting for it to have a point. Seriously, what is the point of a "paper"doll that has drag and drop clothes on a computer screen.

I'm not sitting here tellling you that I loved paperdolls as a kid, but seriously, what are we doing in this society that "paper"dolls even exist in a format that requires no more than a drag and drop to dress them and then, that's it, they're dressed. There is nothing else.

Yeah, paper dolls were no fun, but you have to admit they were a challenge. If they had more than one piece of clothing, say a dress and a hat, then you had to figure out how to make your fingers stretch out and keep all the tabs folded down or their clothes would fall off. At least, the old school kind incorporated a bit of dexterity and some problem-solving. If you could keep their clothes on you could move them around and have imagined conversations , like little flat Barbies, but VIRTUAL "PAPER"DOLLS, come on....what is the world coming to?

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