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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Birdy and his Ragamuffin MawMaw have a good day.

We just returned from a walk and the Birdman looked so spry and happy. I'm still trying to make peace with the idea that I will soon have to choose the day of his demise, but today was mostly a good day. He actually looked like he was smiling when we were walking and he trotted along not letting anyone else get ahead of him. He gobbled up the liver his Grandma cooked for him, but refused the "yummy" canned food. He almost always looks sad like the picture, but as he trotted along he looked so very happy.
I had a good day too. I took care of a little chore, showered and then rode my bike to a baby shower. I had to remind myself several times to just enjoy the ride. I would be cranking away on the pedals like I was late for something. Seriously, I need to unplug that fuse in my brain, the one that makes me manic. When I slowed down, coasted along, and just breathed it all in I realized that it was damn near perfect day. Funny how something as simple as riding a bike can bring joy to your soul.

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