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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Hen Party

I had a Hen Party on Saturday and it was most successful. My mom finished the above quilt top that will be a wedding gift. I worked on hand quilting an old Jacob's Ladder quilt top I finished years ago. Two other hens cut out quilt pieces for a Turning Twenty and the newest hen sat in the comfy chair and knitted. We ate, laughed, and worked all day and it was very fun...

I have spent today doing only what I WANT to do...well, I did have to run to the Tractor Supply to get some dog food and bird seed...but I want to take care of my bubbies and my birds so even that errand wasn't unpleasant. This morning I did two loads of laundry, quilted, finished Eldest (finally!!) and started another book. I walked the dogs, turned the compost, fed the birds and finally sat down with my crochet project which I finished while watching the first Pirates of the Caribbean.

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CK said...

It was the best time!!! Thanks again for the invite. The quilt looks fabulous. Your mom did a great job. What book are you reading now? I've been knitting more today than working on silly homework. Almost finished with the scratchy scarf. haha. =) See ya tomorrow for the MEEEEETING!