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Friday, January 30, 2009

Our Belated Solstice Celebration

Back in December the Solstice turned up cold and gray and we nixed our plan to go out and plant trees. We promised ourselves we would do it later in the season and have been waiting for both our schedules to align and the weather to cooperate.

Today, we finally got a day when we were both off, and the weather was fabulous, so we headed out to the site of our future Forever House to plant trees. We cashed in our Discover Cashback bonus of $100 and bought two trees, a pecan and a live oak. We also had 14 dormant oaks we sprouted from acorns last season. We worked most of the day and got 13 trees planted stopping only because we ran out of water in our big, blue barrel.

I'm tired in that good, bone-weary way you are after a beautiful day of working hard. My body is tired and so is my mind, just a little...but I'm always so full of hope when I am planting things and waiting for them to grow.

Now, of course, the crappy part is that I have to drive out DAILY to water them for a few weeks while they get established and the hubby is leaving tomorrow. When I say "I" have to go out and water, I really mean that I have to do it. Not looking forward to that daily adventure...


CK said...

Glad you did your planting! Don't know if you got your schedule that you wanted - a couple of days looked weird.

Mon said...

Nice! Totally cool that you sprouted oaks from acorns!

Perhaps you could use the watering time as a personal reflection/meditative activity?

speaking of trees, the word verification today is - nobark :)

ragamuffin yogini said...

Mon, funny you should mention using watering time as reflection/meditation because I frequently kick off my shoes and practice yoga in the tall swaying grass under the big, big sky...or if I don't have time for that I chant while I ferry my buckets from tree to tree, telling each to "grow well".