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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Stop Grasping for Control of the Uncontrollable

I've been having some issues just letting go and going with the flow...though that is what I want to do in my heart, I'm just a little too controlling to really let it happen. I'm especially having trouble with my schedule at work, but it bleeds into my whole world; the errands, the chores, the duties and obligations....I feel pulled in too many directions because I can't just let some things go....

I found the following typed and saved as a Word document, so clearly at some point I thought it applicable to my life. I had forgotten about it and as usual, just when I needed to be reminded that I cannot control everything, there it was to remind me.

From Yoga Journal:

Every morning repeat a gatha (mindfulness verse):

"Great is the matter of birth and death; impermanence surrounds us. Be awake each moment; do not waste your life."

The article went on to say: "Life doesn't give you breathing room, but if you stop grasping for control of the uncontrollable, you can learn to breathe through it all."

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CK said...

I'm guessing Saturday didn't go well.....

Sorry for the schedule nonsense. blech.