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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Let's Eat: Bluff Dale, Texas

I never have reviewed a restaurant before and I don't expect to write an actual review here, but I have to rave a bit about Let's Eat in Bluff Dale. Seriously, Bluff Dale....known for the "Spinnin' Spur" and a three-legged dog that liked to chase cars.

We went out to dinner to celebrate Mother's Day and headed to Let's Eat. The place is very small (it is in the building that was formerly known as the "spinnin' spur") and seating is limited. We drove out early to stand in line so we could get a table when the doors opened at 6:00. And no, we weren't the only ones to do that....the place has a reputation and folks line up. When the tables are full they will turn you away or you can wait out on the porch for a table to open up. The food was good, exceptionally good (and I am now finally willing to admit I'm a food snob, so it was really good). But it isn't the good food that I feel like raving about, it is the eccentricity of it all. The whole thing is just quirky. A hole in the wall, in a wide-place-in-the-road town, with funny hours, and very limited seating, so much so that folks line up to get a table....quirky, strange and wonderful.

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