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Friday, August 21, 2009

Frugal Friday

Well, I'm back and ready to get back to "business" as it were. While we were away (we took a roadtrip to NY to visit my hubs' folks) we got a really large bill. That coupled with my large credit card bill pushed me over the edge. We simply haven't been paying attention to what we are spending. Normally we are very thrifty, but the last couple of months.....not so much. So, I've decided to post a Frugal Friday tip each week.

Today tip: Microwave Popcorn (on the cheap, but better than the pre-packaged kind)

You will need:
1. bulk popcorn
2. the "butter" of your choice
3. plain old brown paper lunch bags (you can re-use the same bag up to 3-4 times)
4. a microwave
5. salt

Put 1/3 cup of corn in the bag. Fold the bag down about three times, crease it, and lay it on its side in the microwave. I hit the "Popcorn" button on the microwave and that is the perfect amount of time in my microwave, but they all vary. Experiment with what works best in your microwave. Remove and open the bag to let the steam escape. Meanwhile, melt your butter. Dump it in a bowl, butter it, salt it and enjoy it. Cheaper and healthier.

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