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Sunday, November 8, 2009

In the MOOD for a LIST

Okay, I'm always in the mood for a list and sometimes the lists are depressing and a big burden (this list fits that category), but I find that a list gives me a purpose, a goal, and a direction. I really need the direction because I am frequently aimless....wandering and daydreaming and accomplishing nothing.

This is a re-visit of my list of Un-Done "Stuff":
1. The Jungle Quilt (only 3 months to go)
2. A Super Secret Solstice Quilt (about 6 weeks to go)
3. The binding on the Jacob's Ladder (I just lack the hand work and it has been on the back of the couch for a couple of weeks now)
4. The binding on the T-shirt quilt (this one is trimmed and the binding is cut....all spread out on the table so maaaaaybeeee....)
5. Finish quilting the Orange Circles baby quilt, then bind it, then sell it
6. Quilt and bind The Little Cedar Tree
7. Piece the back for the Sanae 9 quilt, quilt it, bind it.
8. Finish piecing the Grandmother's Flower Garden, quilt it, bind it.
9. Finish piecing the Grand Canyon Batik quilt, quilt it, bind it.
10. Make a "Dad and Boogie" quilt for me
11. Tear apart the Dutch Dolls and make it smaller, quilt it, bind it.
12. Tear apart the Batik "motel" quilt, quilt it, bind it.
13. Finish the crocheted bag
14. Put the borders on the Scrappy quilt, quilt it, bind it
15. Finish the hand work on the Rusty Garden Heart, piece it, quilt it, bind it.
16. Finish the Swedish weaving and make a bag from it.
17. Finish the crochet rag rug (as materials are available)
18. Finish the binding on the Snow Globe wall-hanging (another one that is on the back of the couch)
19. Quilt and bind the Double Arc baby quilt and sell it???

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