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Monday, November 9, 2009

Menu Monday

My mom is the queen of "stealing" recipes. She stole this recipe after I TOLD her about it, never actually having had it in the restaurant. I've had this sandwich a couple of times at Hank's, but I have to say that our version is better.

Hank's Stolen Sandwich

1. Good bread (we like Three-Seed bread from Central Market). Please don't use some crappy-ass mass produced bread....go to the bakery
2. Gruyere'
3. Smoked gouda
4. Laughing Cow (those little spreadable triangles)
5. One Granny Smith apple (Yes, this apple goes on the sandwich. Trust me, it is good)

Heat your cast iron griddle or skillet (if you don't have cast iron GET IT NOW...go to www.Lehmans.com)
Spread your Laughing Cow on both sides of the bread
Slice the Gruyere' and put it on one side of the bread
Slice the Smoked Gouda and put it on the other side of the bread
Slice the apple thinly (like a quarter inch or less) and put it on the sandwich and close the lid.
Butter the top of the bread
Put the butter side down on the griddle/skillet
Butter the top of the bread while the bottom side cooks.
Grill until melted.

Have I ever mentioned that I would be a vegan if it weren't for cheese....GLORIOUS CHEESE!! De-fuckin'-licious.

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