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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Techno Overload

As a self-described techno-phobe, I surely have embraced the technology of late. What you see here is three Apple laptops, two iPhones, and lurking nearby are three iPods of various sizes as well as a camera or two.....you will notice the jumble and tangle of the all the accompanying cords.

This desk sparked a cleaning frenzy that is still not over....ahh, my ever consuming love/hate relationship with clutter.

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Liesel said...

Hi Jen!

I'm SO glad to hear that you are inspired to shape your creative space! It is easy to let it slide but oh so worth taking the time to honor ourselves and our creativity! Good for you! Thanks so much for letting me know that my post inspired you-that means a lot to me! Also I never replied to the wonderful comment you left me in December about the little house painting. What was so funny was that I thought maybe you were my friend (who's name is Jen too) because I DO have 2 cats, comfy chairs AND ginger snap cookies-It was as if you had been to my house! : ) Sorry for not replying to that-I was a bit too busy at the time. I send you energy and enthusiasm for making YOUR space YOURS! Yay! You go Girl!!!