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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My First Finish or Fling?

I fell in love with these colors together, the aqua and the orange....our guest room's walls are a soft aqua/seafoam kind of green and there are orange accessories and the idea was to make a quilt for that bed. These fabrics are soft batiks, hand-dyed, lovely....the fabrics are lovely....The quilt top? Not. So. Much.

This thing has been in a box for years because I HATE IT....it looks like a cheap motel bedspread....way too modern (and I like modern sometimes) and way too blocky and choppy and just plain ugly. I've wanted to fling the damn thing every time I've spotted it in the box, but restrained myself because I love the aqua and orange.

So, my goal this year is to finish the unfinished and clear out some of my scraps and attempt to not accumulate too much more "stuff". I've been watching and waiting and finally the perfect bolt of fabric presented it self and hopefully I can redeem this quilt. I've already begun ripping out the seams on this monstrosity and then the plan is to cut it up, add more colors, and then put it back together again. We shall see.....

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