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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Well, I just can't seem to do any consistent blogging even though it is something that I enjoy and want to do. I have been busy, but really that is no excuse since Blogger makes this so very easy.

The quilt on the left was finally finished (and I say "finally" only because I was ready to move on to something for me, not because it was taking too long.) This was the custom quilt that I did for someone's first grandchild. It was the first time quilting for someone and it is likely to be the last. It turned out fabulous and having a goal and getting something finished was great, BUT (you knew that was coming, yeah?) I didn't much like working for someone else...it was just work, not much joy involved, and because I was an idiot I made about $3.75 an hour (and that isn't an exaggeration as it took about 40 hours to complete.

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