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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Gardening Gone Wrong

Well, I'm a little late on my gardening this year and have many seed packets that I haven't even thought about tearing into to plant. I have a hard time finding balance sometimes....sewing, quilting, reading, cooking, cleaning, and gardening. So, I do all of it half-assed and none of it well (at least, I can't do it well without seriously neglecting the others). So, today was going to be the day, but the morning was chilly and windy and my allergies have me in a fuzz and I just kept finding other things to do. I have procrastinated all day, but finally I was out of excuses and I went out to get started....I was going to plant basil, cilantro, and dill just behind the house in my little curvy bed.

I started out on hands and knees cultivating and pulling the tiny little weeds, but just beside me was a mound of compost that had not been spread topped with a tiny layer of hay mulch over the top. I decided to get the rake and pull the hay off, spread the compost, and weed that area before planting anything. I pulled back the hay and it was writhing underneath. WRITHING. My eyes are itchy and a little blurry, but I knew it was snakes! YES, SNAKES, with an S. Six to be exact!

I've always been afraid of snakes, always. Irrationally and unexplainably afraid of them, but last year I found a tiny one and I picked it up and proudly showed my husband that I was facing my fear. I even re-located it gently to a new place, squelching the urge to throw it far, far away from me. I was so very proud. I willingly touched a snake, held it even. But somehow SIX of the little buggers was just toooooooo much for me. I tried to conquer it, got a different rake, tried to shoo them away (while standing up on a concrete curb-like thing). They just wouldn't cooperate and I couldn't face the thought of one of them slithering over my foot. COULD. NOT.

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CK said...

Omg yuck. Could not handle that. I'd be out there with a gun. Lol. Be careful. From what I've heard it looks to be a bad year for them. =(