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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some kind of serious RUT

It seems that I just can't shake my Winter Blues (and yes, they are worthy of capital letters). I realized this weekend that I was still feeling blue despite the warm weather, green landscape, blooming flowers, and chirping birds. I LIVE for the Spring, but this year I'm just a little "off".

I don't seem to be doing anything with gusto...in fact, I'm doing everything pretty poorly and I mean everything. The only things I have done well and in a timely manner were projects for my husband (see photo) who leaves in a week or so for the One Lap of America race. Everything else is falling apart. I suspect having a deadline helped on that one!

I seem to be in one of those ruts that is full of slippery mud and no matter how hard you work you can't go forward or backward for that matter. Those ruts who hold you in so hard that you scream, gnash your teeth, bang your hands on the steering wheel and still there is no progress in either direction. Then some little factor changes and your wheels get purchase and you zoom forward; once free of the mud you collapse forward with your head on the steering wheel exhausted, but free. Sorry for the driving analogy, but I've been stuck in the mud a couple of times and I know how this feels is exactly the same. I know I need to just "zoom" out of here, and once unstuck I will be exhausted, but relieved and free from the burdens that got me stuck in the first place.

I woke feeling crappy today because of my allergies, cancelled my plans, stayed home and ultimately cleaned house and worked in the garden. I realized while I was out planting a few things that I could put in eight hour days out there and NEVER get ahead of it and that is how I feel about the housework too (and nothing is alive and growing in here, at least I hope not). I used to work full-time and keep a clean house, but somehow I just can't seem to get ahead of it. I cleaned today, but would need about 15 more days to really get it tidy and clean. So, exasperating.

I've said it before and it is worth saying again...clutter and UFOs and chores sometimes feel like burdens and I get overwhelmed. Once overwhelmed I just shut down. I think that is what is happening here: shut down.

This week I will:
1. try a new recipe
2. work toward finishing a UFO
3. clean one room top to bottom
4. tend the garden, feed the birds, and otherwise enjoy Spring
5. take walks with my husband and dogs

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CK said...

=( sorry girl. I think a lunch with each other is called for soon. I'm out all week at a conference but I miss ya and need a lunchdate. Hehe. We need to get together and make cutesy skirts too! Miss ya bunches. Keep your chin up and conquer that to-do list. You can do it (said on ahhnold sxhwarzjdhduejenegger voice)! Lol