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Friday, May 21, 2010

Geez Louise....

Where did those couple of weeks go? Seriously, we've been busy, but not THAT busy.
I feel like I need to do an update of sorts....how about a list?

1. The house is clean
2. The lawn is mowed
3. I made a pattern for a skirt and then made two of them
4. I pieced 15 Nine Patches for a new quilt (utilitarian, of course) for our bedroom
5. I'm working with diamonds for the first time and that is exciting.
6. We've been drawing and re-drawing house plans and it looks like we will be building a house in the next year or so.
7. we went to see OKGO in Dallas a few nights back and that was fun
8. we've taken a few steps forward on the bathroom remodel, BUT we took several more backward too when we punctured a water pipe and had to tear out newly installed and textured drywall to fix the leak ! POO
9. I read The Gravedigger's Daughter by Joyce Carol Oates

I'll try to get back on track soon, but life just gets in the way sometimes.

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