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Sunday, May 9, 2010

No sparks, sizzles, or pops....

....all the things I expected to happen when I flipped the switch for the first time. I have never wired anything in my life....in fact, I'm a little scared of electricity....make that terrified. Before I got married my mom did all my electrical work, but while the cat was away I got brave and faced my fear and installed two new wall sconces in place of the heinous, faux art deco things that were here when I bought the house. I faced my fear, but I'm not saying that as I cut the first wire (just to get that crappy old fixture out of the way) I didn't flinch a bit and expect to get zapped despite KNOWING that the power was off.

The hubs is due tomorrow and boy, is he going to be surprised OR maybe not even notice.It could go either way with him...who knows?

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