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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Last Summer's "shop hop" quilt

Last summer Mom and I did our own "shop hop". We had rules like you had to buy fabrics that would work together toward one quilt, and you could only spend $10 in each shop. I ended up with a lot of the fabrics in the Nest line, but a lot of random pieces too. I loved the colors, had a pattern in mind, but stuck it in a box and left it.

Sunday, after two long days of working on the house I gave myself a day off of sorts and while doing six loads of laundry I pieced this quilt. What you see here is the sandwich and at 9:45 that night I put it in the frame and started the quilting.

Mom and I are leaving this morning for a little road trip, hitting some quilt shops down south and generally just messing around. I figured that I really couldn't justify doing another "shop hop" this summer when last summer's fabric was in a pile...SO THERE!

See you in a few days, the laptop is staying home.

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