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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stolen Sewing Moments

Yesterday amidst all the chaos of executing the To-Do List from Hell I got a new book from Amazon, Sew Sunny Homestyle and I was dying to drop everything and head to the sewing room.

I worked that To-Do list like a maniac and marked off 9 things yesterday then I sneaked downstairs with my book at 9:30 pm and made this little notebook cover....her instructions were excellent AND I learned how to do a blanket stitch on Barbie (my new machine).

I suspect that will be the story of my life for awhile, stealing time to sew. We are hoping to have the house ready to list in two weeks, we will be gone for an almost two week vacation, and then I start grad school. Sewing will have to be pushed to the back burner, that makes me S.A.D.


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