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Friday, July 16, 2010

Roadtrip Report

Mom and I headed to Fredericksburg, TX for a few days. We intended to visit a couple of quilt shops and just shop Main St. in Fredericksburg. The first day we just walked the main street and found a little shop with a hodge-podge of offerings including fabric. It wasn't on the list, but that didn't stop us from buying some FQs from her. I had wanted to do something with birds....I know, that is very vague, but I found fabric with birds in the first shop and I was off on a mission for the rest of the trip.

The next day we visited Wildseed Farms. Years ago I mail ordered a package of TX/OK wildflower mix from Wildseed and my yard has had wildflowers ever since. It was cool to visit the farm and browse the plants and pots and such. We then hit Pocketful of Poseys, which was run by a cute pair of sisters....they were funny and it was worth the visit just to meet them. We bought a few more FQs and headed to Kerrville's Creations.

Creations was by far one of the best shops I've ever visited. I had a hard time picking out fabric I was so overwhelmed. I left with a FQ and a couple of yards and happily started some stitchin' that night.

We both had a theme and I stuck to it even though I was tempted by other things. I will reveal my WIP in the next few days (when I make a little more progress). For now, I'm still working on the huge To-Do List that just won't shrink....Always there are 20 things on that list.

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