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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Feeling a little Funky

Hey all, I know a few folks read this blog and I've been awfully quiet lately. I feel the need to journal a little and it helps to feel like you are being "heard". Do you know what I mean?

So, the last weeks have been busy getting the house on the market and getting our new house plans done, meeting with builders, and submitting plans to the HOA all before leaving on vacation. Now, here we are far from home and the HOA won't approve our plans. Firstly, they don't like the design because it doesn't conform to the look of the other houses. Their real problem is that the house is round (22 sides) the rest of the materials; stones, windows and roof are just like the houses around there.

Their second big problem is that don't think the house will be appraised high enough so as not to hurt their home values. They require 2500 square feet minimum and that is what we are building and a house that size can only be worth so much unless you put in solid gold drawer pulls and faucets. Seriously! This is the part that is really getting under my skin....We place the value on the HOME-part, the part where we share our lives together in a HOME. They clearly think of a house as an investment.

I want to believe that people are kind, generous, logical and rational, but again and again I am reminded that people are generally self-serving, greedy, unimaginative, and moronic. My heart just keeps breaking.

We sort of live by the motto: Live and Let Live and we expect that we will get the same from folks. I guess I should stop expecting so much from humans and I wouldn't be so disappointed with them all the time.

I find myself crying again. Hopefully, I will have a happier post next time.

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Courtney said...

oh my goodness! What's going to happen? I think it sounds great...and they better think that way too dangit! :( Sorry....I miss ya - hope to see you soon!