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Sunday, November 28, 2010


Today I had one of those days...the kind where your thoughts just scatter and the silence is too loud and you feel like your soul is trying to peel away from your body....too many hours in the quiet, researching, reading, writing, staring at a screen.

I knew I wouldn't get anything done unless I nurtured myself a little. I put on some old music (Soul Food Cafe), and I sang, and I danced, and I rolled out a yoga mat and eased back into my practice again. I put up our tree, bare and ready for Solstice, and then set out to get some work done and I did a little, not enough maybe, but it was productive....and when the thoughts started to run from me this evening I took my book (the one I'm writing about) and retreated to the tub. I made bubbles with dishsoap and stayed until the water turned cold. I'm just eating dinner at 9:30, but I've had three meals today and I've moved my body and I've cleared my head and I've ignored the deadlines knocking on the door, I'm pretending I'm not home right now.

Next week when this happens again....someone please remind to take care of myself, to love myself...

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