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Sunday, March 20, 2011


I saw this quilt at the Dallas Quilt Celebration...of course, I don't know who did it...come on, you know me by now. In fact, I'd like to use this quilt as an analogy and not having a clue as to who made it plays into to that analogy perfectly.

So, the hodge-podge of my life quilt analogy.

I can't seem to decide on anything so there's a little of this and a little of
that. Big things and small things get equal value...ie. I sweat the small stuff as the saying goes. Some of the pieces are JUST.NOT.RIGHT, yet they are right in the middle of it all. It is discordant, and distracting, but somehow it works and that is just how things are feeling right now. If I could extract the red bits, particularly that little rectangle of random flying geese it would be much better....but then again, if you remove the icky bits then there are gaping holes....which is worse? icky bits or holes?

But I would really like my life to be like this: a BALANCE of order and chaos....BALANCE....

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